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Les Militants Pro-Vie Et Pro-Choix Ne Baissent Pas Les Bras

Mathieu Roy-Comeau, Acadie Nouvelle  | December 4, 2014

FREDERICTON – Le sujet de l’heure sur le parvis de l’Assemblée législative s’est fait beaucoup plus discret entre ses quatre murs. Le gouvernement a choisi d’éviter de parler d’avortement dans son discours du Trône, mercredi, tandis que les militants des deux côtés du débat manifestaient …read more|en savoir plus

Motion on Abortion Introduced in Legislature








Motion on Abortion Introduced in Legislature


Today two Conservative MLAs gave notice of their motion for the government’s proposed abortion policy to be debated in the Legislative Assembly before it takes effect on Jan. 1. The ‘motion’ was introduced by Dorothy Shephard …read more|en savoir plus

Anglican Bishop Urges Premier to Reconsider

          The Rt. Rev. David Edwards of the Anglican Diocese of Fredericton, which covers the province, has written Premier Gallant, urging him to reconsider his decision to repeal restrictions on abortion access:

9 December 2014 The Honourable Brian Gallant, Premier of New Brunswick PO. Box 6000 Fredericton, NB …read more|en savoir plus

Candlelight Prayer Vigil held outside NB Legislature

A Candlelight Vigil for Life was held Dec. 11 outside the New Brunswick Legislature. The vigil is part of NB Right to Life’s “Keep the Lights On Campaign for Life” throughout December. The campaign is designed to show solidarity with the province’s unborn children and their mothers in view of the government’s …read more|en savoir plus

With assisted suicide, what begins in compassion seems to end in eugenics

Andrew Coyne, National Post | December 8, 2014


The case for assisted suicide and euthanasia, at least as it has been presented, is that we may freely dispense with certain moral distinctions, once considered of some importance — between killing yourself and having someone else kill you; between refraining from prolonging life and …read more|en savoir plus

Canadian philosopher promotes euthanasia of disabled newborns and infanticide

Alex Schadenberg, mercatornet.com | December 9, 2014   Udo Schüklenk, who was the chair of the one-sided Royal Society of Canada: End of Life Decision Making panel and who is also the co-editor of the leading academic journal Bioethics, is now proselytizing his philosophy (or Peter Singer’s philosophy) promoting euthanasia of newborns and infanticide. …read more|en savoir plus

Pro-Life Rally at the opening of the NB Legislature 2014


Source: New Brunswick Free Press

Abortion on demand location now at the discretion of Minister of Health

admin, New Brunswick Free Press | December 3, 2014


Premier Gallant confirmed the deletion of the regulation that restricted abortion in NB, 84-20 Schedule 2 (a.1).  Meaning, abortions on demand is the new rule, and it will be at the discretion of the Minister of Health, Victor Boudreau. If …read more|en savoir plus

News Release: New Abortion Policy in New Brunswick

For Immediate Release November 26, 2014



NB Right to Life executive director Peter Ryan deplores the news that the provincial government plans to remove a regulation restricting provincial abortions.


“This news means open season on children in the womb,” Ryan said. “It will dramatically increase our  …read more|en savoir plus

Dutch health minister calls for tighter euthanasia guidelines

Alex Schadenberg, LifeSiteNews | November 18, 2014

Dutch Health Minister, Edith Schippers, reacted to comments by Professor Theo Boer by calling for tighter guidelines for euthanasia. Boer, an ethicist who was a member of a Euthanasia Review Committee for 9 years, oversaw more than 4000 euthanasia cases in the Netherlands.

Recently Boer wrote …read more|en savoir plus