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NEWS RELEASE – 5 February 2016

Abortion rights activists had a public meeting yesterday at UNB. “Abortion in New Brunswick” was the topic. NB Right to Life executive director Peter Ryan released the following comments.

It’s not hard to figure out what these folks are up to. They will complain loudly about “not enough access,” without of course offering any …read more|en savoir plus

Provincial-Territorial Advisory Group Publishes One-Sided Pro-Euthanasia Report

From the Euthanasia Prevention Coaltion:

“Ontario Government euthanasia report seeks to protect physicians but not patients.”

Quebec Euthanasia Law Stopped – For Now

A Quebec judge has stopped the province’s euthanasia law from going into effect on December 10. He ruled that the law conflicts with the federal government’s jurisdiction over the Criminal Code. This is wonderful news for the sick, elderly and persons with disability. However, Parliament is due to look at legislating in favour of …read more|en savoir plus

Advisory Group Formed!

A number of prominent citizens from varied backgrounds have come together to form an Advisory Group to assist NB Right to Life.

Standing: The Hon. Graydon Nicholas, past Lieutenant Govenor; Dr. Tom Bateman, political scientist; Robert Gerard, retired civil servant; Rev. Rob Trafton, Wesleyan pastor; Rev. Hal Babcock, Baptist pastor; Peter Ryan, …read more|en savoir plus

Statement on Assisted Suicide issued by the Plenary Assembly of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops


Supreme Court Wrong on Euthanasia: Here’s Why

In its historic Carter decision last February in favour of assisted suicide, the Supreme Court of Canada argued there’s no danger of a slippery slope from legalization. Read this article to see how the data from Holland and Belgium show how wrong they are!

In 2013, euthanasia accounted for one of every 28 deaths …read more|en savoir plus

March for Life 2015 Video


Darlene Pawlik (NH, USA) in Fredericton

FREDERICTON LEGISLATURE, MAY 14, 2015| The following transcript is the personal testimony of Darlene Pawlik given at the 2015 March for Life

I just want to thank you all for being here, to be able to stand up and advocate for someone else who has …read more|en savoir plus

CALLED TO BE WITNESSES FOR LIFE – March for Life Mass, May 14, 2015

Bishop Robert Harris, Archbishop Valéry Vienneau (seated) and many priests celebrated mass for a March for Life congregation.

Bishop Robert Harris of the Diocese of Saint John and Archbishop Valéry Vienneau of the Archdiocese of Moncton along with many priests of the diocese, concelebrated a special mass for a large assembly of …read more|en savoir plus

Why Disability Rights Advocates Oppose Assisted Suicide