Favorite Links

4MyCanada If you are young, Christian and pro-life you'll want to check out this site: www.4mycanada.ca
American Life League www.all.org Breakpoint - Chuck Colson Ministries www.breakpoint.org Canada Family Action Coalition www.familyaction.org Canadian Physicians for Life www.physiciansforlife.ca Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform www.cbrinfo.org Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer www.abortionbreastcancer.com Elliott Institute www.afterabortion.org Euthanasia Prevention Coalition www.epcc.ca Focus on the Family (Canada) www.fotf.ca Get the Facts on Abortion in Canada AbortionInCanada.ca Life Decisions International www.fightpp.org LifeCanada www.lifecanada.org Priests for Life www.priestsforlifecanada.com www.priestsforlife.org ProWomanProLife - Canada without abortion. By choice www.prowomanprolife.org Together fro Life Ministries (Denise Mountenay) www.togetherforlife.ca Unborn Children's Website www.knightsite.com U.S. National Right to Life www.nrlc.org