“Adoption is a Good Idea” Young New Brunswicker Shares His Story

Editor’s Note: During NB Right to Life’s 40 Days for Life campaign many touching personal stories came to light. A grandmother shared the following story about her grandson - composed in his words as presented to his school class. Names and dates have been altered to protect identities. My name was Jordan Burns. Why do you know me as Matt Stevens? On May 13, 19-- I was born to a single mother in Moncton, New Brunswick. My birth mother realized she would be unable to support and take proper care of me. She made a decision to find a family who could provide the necessary support. Family and Children Services allowed my birth mother to choose my parents. My birth mother was 15 years old. I have always known that I was adopted and my parents told me when I was ready I could meet my birth mother. On December 19, 20-- I found out who my birth mother is. Many people have to wait a long time to find out who their birth mother is. My grandmother who is adopted did not find out who her birth mother was until she was more than 40 years old. My grandmother was never told by her adopted parents that she was adopted. When her mother passed away, her brother gave her the adoption papers and then she started to search for her biological mother. My grandmother met her birth mother. The rest of the family did not meet her because she passed away. I am lucky because I am growing up knowing who my siblings are and some adopted children, like my grandmother, have never found out if she had siblings. There are two types of adoption. One is private adoption and one is open adoption. Private adoption is when the birth mother does not meet the adopted parents. My adoption was an open adoption were my birth mother and father met my parents. When a baby is put up for adoption the birth mother picks a profile of a family where she would like the baby to be placed. My mother now has two children (my half brother and half sister). Adopted parents have to be at least 19 years of age. Birth mothers now have the opportunity to meet the adopted parents. When I spoke to Family Services the youngest birth mother they counseled was 12 years old. After the birth mother gives birth the baby is placed into foster care for 15 days or more until legal documents are signed. When I was 5 days old, I left the hospital with my adopted parents and brother. Usually after this it takes up to 12 months for the final adoption to go through the courts. When an adopted child reaches legal age, and wants to meet their birth parents then a request to Family and Children Services is required. Family and Children Services then brings the request to the birth parents to ask for a meeting with their biological child. The birth parents can also request the meeting with their biological child. Both parties must be in agreement before they meet. I feel adoption is a good idea for females who become pregnant and do not have the support at home to be a single mom. I am very fortunate to be adopted into a family that supports me and encourages me to be myself. I hope this information gives you a general idea on adoption.

"Abortion: A Young Person’s View" by Elisha Lakin, age 17 Fredericton NB

Consider for a moment the most common controversial topics in society today. It won’t take long for the subject of abortion to come to mind. With fuming opinions on both sides of the board, and a lack of accurate, unbridled information, more so than most people realize, it’s difficult to decipher the truth. Some statements are as bold as "Abortion is murder," or "Pro-Life is misogyny (hatred or contempt towards women)." First off, I will examine both of these statements, because I feel they portray the Pro-Life side of the argument, and the Pro-Choice side respectively. "Pro-Life is misogyny." Many Pro-Choice advocates champion "a women’s rights," basing the care of their argument on the idea that it is a woman’s right to do what she will with her own body, including whether of not she chooses to abort her unborn son or daughter. The fact is, a human’s life begins at the moment of conception. The instant the father’s sperm makes contact with the mother’s ovum, something incredible happens. The unique genetic codes and DNA; everything that made you, "you," and him, "him," and her, "her," are all present and busily moving, generating cells rapidly to produce something humanity seems to take for granted; LIFE! This new, never-been-before human’s eye colour, hair colour, facial features, it’s all there! It only requires time and care to grow. We recognize a newborn as a human. An infant, a child, a toddler, adolescent, senior, adult, these terms all refer to "people." In truth, the fetus is merely the first step in the chain of human development. Furthermore, the growing human is not the mother’s alone. It also took a father to spark that creation.. Many times the father will push for abortion. However, it is little-known that just as many times, the father would want the baby to get the opportunity to live and growl However, legally, they have minute to zero say in the matter, for it is a "woman’s choice," which in truth, is a pure idiocy. The child is 50% mother, 50% father, and 100% human, with a right to live. Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states: Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security, of the person, and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice. These babies, if only born, are under the protection of this right. Unfortunately, we have been deceived into assuming that because the infant has not yet exited the birth-canal, "it" is not human. "Fetus" is the Latin term for "little one." If a fetus was recognized over 2000 years ago as a tiny human, why do we feel we can change the meaning today? One of the many justifications of abortion, besides "women’s right to choose," is considering rape victims. This is an angle with much vocal support, because it is very emotional. Many people, even those who aren’t expressly Pro-Choice, will agree that a woman whose child was conceived in such a heinous way should not have to suffer through pregnancy and child birth. But ask yourself, should an innocent person be punished for the trespasses of another? Section 12 of the Canadian Charter has something to say about this as well: "Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment." Is there any treatment more unusual or cruel than a foreign metal being inserted into a sacred place, for the purpose of attacking and destroying, limb for limb, piece by piece, a small human body, only to be disposed of as common trash? In truth, it is very rare for conception to occur during rape. Over, less than one percent of women who are raped become pregnant. It is extremely difficult for a women to conceive in a state where emothons are all over the map. And hormones are fluctuating rapidly. In addition, a woman is fertile only 3 days each month, approximately 36 days out of year, lessening the chance of conception during rape even further. Another argument is , "What if the child is unwanted?" There are so many things wrong with this question. It projects the idea that children are objects who should only exist base on whether or not a person desires them more than they desire other "things." Also, there is such a vast number of people who are waiting, longing to adopt children. If a woman does not want her baby, some body else does! It has been estimated that if every aborted baby, annually, had instead been able to live, the need for adoptable babies would be filled. There is not reason for this murder to continue. "Abortion is murder." Let’s break this down: Abortion is the willful and predecided act of terminating pregnancy (aka, human development). Murder is defined as the killing of another human being...with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation of premeditation. A fetus is indeed human. Abortion is an unnecessary act that stems from misinformation; it is a veil that shrouds truth. An fetus is human. Murder is to kill a human. Therefore, abortion is murder. Elisha Lakin 2006 As a side note, I want to make it known that I hold no animosity towards women who have had, are considering to have, or are supporters of abortion/s. I maintain the belief that crucial information has been side-stepped for the sake of the easy way out. I believe abortion is the answer in lieu of substantial exploration and the pursuit of truth. Abortion, in many ways is regarded as a form of contraception. Mark my words, no child is a mistake. That is one of the most terrible lies I ever have had the misfortune of hearing. It is no coincidence that you are willing to read through this opinion that you may disagree with or even share. Think about this, if your mother had exercised her "right" to "choose," it is very likely you may not even be here. It’s a terrible shame women aren’t being told, in explicit detail, the "surgical," or more aptly put; sacrificial , methods that take place in their womb during the abortion procedure. It’s terrible that the only side-effects that are made known are slight pelvic pain, when the true magnitude of side-effects reach far beyond physical pain that a pill can mask. Emotional trauma is more than common. In fact, it is expected in most cases. Abortion is a decision that is so very often regretted, leading to a severe sense of loss, depression, self-hatred, anger, and even suicide. Not only is one life lost, but it can take the life of the mother and those who care for her as well. Abortion should not be an option. It is a wrongful act not only for the child, but just as much for the mother. Mothers; love you children as you mommy loved you. She loved you enough to let you take a crack at this thing called "life." Fathers; protect you children and respect their mother’s body and spirit. Do not allow their lives to be destroyed. You owe it to your heart. It you gave been wronged, by those who were meant to love and cherish you, guide and protect you, please do not let their mistakes drag you down. If you become pregnant, if your girlfriend or wife becomes pregnant, look at it as a chance to do something selfless, something loving, even if you didn’t get to experience the love that you should have. Life always starts anew. If you participate in the formation of a new life, make the choice to honour and care for it.