MISSION: To promote the sanctity of all human life from fertilization to natural death through public education. To advocate for the right to life of the preborn, the disabled, the infirm and the elderly who are all uniquely created by God.


The objectives as listed below denote the range of our concerns and potential activity.
  • to proclaim, promote and actively witness respect for human life in every phase of its development and environment from the time of conception;
  • to assert and defend the right to life for the innocent from conception to natural death;
  • to draw attention to the basic nature of the right to life on which all other human rights depend;
  • to ensure that the right to life is adequately safeguarded in New Brunswick and in Canada;
  • to hold conferences, meetings and exchanges of views in matters relating to the dignity of human life;
  • to engage in research with respect to the right to life and all aspects incidental thereto;
  • to offer services to the community pertaining to the above objects;
  • to prepare and submit to public or private groups, bodies, associations or authorities information pertaining to the above objects;
  • to disseminate literature to public and private groups pertaining to the above objects;
  • to co-operate with public or private groups, bodies, associations or authorities having similar objects;

History of the New Brunswick Right to Life Association

The original New Brunswick Right to Life Association was founded in Sussex, beginning in 1973. The association operated for several years under the leadership and presidency of (Mrs.) Joan Colden.

In 1980 the Association was re-constituted with new bylaws and incorporation, and headquarters in Moncton. The first president was Michael Murphy. Association chapters were founded in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton; later Miramichi, Sussex, St. Croix Valley (St. Stephen), Bathurst and Acadia Peninsula were added. In 1982 (Mrs.) Sharon Ludwig became president. The Association opened and operated an office in Moncton, then the main abortion centre in New Brunswick. Two employees were hired. In 1982 the Association sponsored a Signature Ad campaign. The names of 40,000 New Brunswickers opposed to the practice of abortion on demand at the Moncton Hospital were published in a daily paper. In the late 1980's George Gilmore assumed the presidency and the Miramichi became the real headquarters. St. John Valley Right to Life (Perth-Andover area) and Northern Carleton were added as chapters. The Association worked hard to oppose the 1994 establishment of a free-standing abortion clinic in Fredericton. The 1990's also saw the Saint John chapter open its own resource center in that city. Mr. Gilmore began the publication of a newsletter, Pro-Life Reports. In 1999 the Association moved its head office to Fredericton, by then the province’s primary abortion centre. (Mrs.) Elizabeth Crouchman became the provincial president. The Association hired a full-time executive director. In 2000 the Association opened an office and education centre next to the Morgentaler clinic. Since 2000 new chapters have been added in Gagetown, Edmundston, Oromocto and Eastern Charlotte County (St. George-Black’s Harbour areas). An assistant for the provincial office was hired in 2002. The resource center was also staffed by volunteers. In 2001 and 2002 the Association carried out a province-wide TV ad campaign directed to pregnant women considering abortion and to post-abortive women. In 2002-03 the Association strongly opposed the start-up of abortions at the Oromocto Hospital. It also publicly criticized the practice of abortion on demand at the Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton. In 2004 (Mrs.) Susan Leger became the president. From 2003-2005 the Association was active in opposing public funding for the Morgentaler clinic. In 2005 it also rallied public support for abstinence education in NB middle schools. The Association currently holds an annual provincial conference, publishes a twice-yearly newsletter, co-sponsors an annual March for Life at the Legislature, and operates an educational website. It does educational presentations in schools, sets up community informational displays, and supports pro-life activity on college campuses. It works with various denominations in promoting the sanctity of all human life. Annual benefit dinners are sponsored by a number of chapters. Several chapters hold annual Life Chain vigils for the unborn. The Association is affiliated with the national pro-life education group LifeCanada.