Belgium’s euthanasia warning to Canada

A new documentary is set to be released this June, entitled "Vulnerable - the Euthanasia Deception", the film is set to serve as a warning to Canada about how opening the door to assisted suicide and euthanasia will lead Canada down a dangerous path. From the film's website:
Vulnerable: The Euthanasia Deception is a documentary and educational outreach initiative which exposes what euthanasia laws can do to a country’s culture in a mere 15 years. The case study is Belgium: euthanasia’s ‘ground zero’. Heart-wrenching testimonies along with medical, legal and expert analysis reveal the truth about euthanasia and assisted suicide: all of us are vulnerable when life and death matters are handed over to lawmakers and doctors.
The following 4 videos contain clips from the upcoming video: Belgium's advice to Canada: "Don't Go There" Belgium Warns Canada: "Safeguards are an Illusion” "Protect Doctor's Conscience Rights!" Belgium's Advice to Canada Belgium Warns Canada: "Oversight is an Illusion"

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