New Brunswick to Appeal Morgentaler Ruling

NEWS RELEASE Nov. 6, 2008

New Brunswick Right to Life is pleased with the Province of New Brunswick’s decision to appeal a ruling granting Henry Morgentaler the status to pursue his lawsuit on the issue of tax-funded abortion. On August 1 Madam Justice Paula Garnett ruled that Morgentaler had the right to represent women seeking an abortion. Morgentaler contends that the province’s refusal to fund his private clinic in Fredericton is a violation of the Charter of Rights and the Canada Health Act. Peter Ryan says he received a letter from Premier Shawn Graham stating that the Province is appealing the ruling. "This is good news," says Ryan. "There is no reason not to appeal." Ryan says the province’s position in the dispute is consistent with federal law. "It is a myth to say there is any requirement to fund abortion on demand. That is elective surgery, which legally is a matter of discretionary funding." He added, "On a humanitarian level, it is the height of insanity to force the public to pay for mothers to extinguish their child's life. An abortion clinic is more like a temple of sacrifice than a health care facility. "I don't care how much of a celebrity Morgentaler is," Ryan said. "What he's into, in my view, is not medicine but something that has the earmarks of a religious cult. To fund that would be lunacy." - 30 - Contact: Peter Ryan (506) 459-8990 or 1-888-796-9600

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