Comments on Morgentaler Case

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release

Jan. 14, 2009 Following the Jan. 13th Court of Appeal hearing in the case Morgentaler vs. New Brunswick, regarding the issue of Henry Morgentaler’s legal standing to sue the Province on behalf of women seeking an abortion at his private clinic, NB Right to Life executive director Peter Ryan made the following comments: “This hearing is a reminder of how New Brunswick is at the center of the legal issue of whether Medicare requires child-killing [abortion] on demand to be publicly funded. “It is appalling that Morgentaler might get to represent women, since an abortion clinic like his victimizes women as well as their children. It’s a wonder some of these women from his past have not already sued him! I fully expect that day will come. “It is especially galling that Morgentaler might get standing to represent women, since we ourselves, as part of a pro-life coalition, were denied intervenor status though we were representing women, the unborn and taxpayers all of whom are affected by this case. “I note it was this very same Court of Appeal that denied us status, due I believe to their anti-religious bias, that is they saw us as just some religious cranks with nothing worthwhile to contribute. “I am concerned about the Province is taking a limp, pro-forma approach as the Defendant in this case. Why is the Crown lawyer not emphasizing that if anyone is allowed to represent women it should be a women’s advocacy group rather than someone with a vested financial interest like Morgentaler? If she’s not pushing that argument, she’s not doing her job. “I am concerned about how this case may be tilting in the wrong direction for the wrong reasons: court bias and Defendant incompetence.” - 30 - Contact: Peter Ryan (506) 459-8990 or 1-888-796-9600

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