Nothing wrong with having babies

Letter to the Editor - Telegraph Journal

I am writing in response to an article published on Dec. 3 in which Joan MacAlpine-Stiles responded to a Facebook remark posted by MLA Carl Urquhart that said, "Girls, we need more babies or we will never be able to support our future." She said that, "it was offensive to all women of the province." As a woman of this province, I find her statements much more offensive than his. His comment put me in the "category" of being able to have babies. How could I possibly be offended by one of my greatest gifts as a woman? The gift of child-bearing is not only a way to contribute to society but it is of the most honourable and fulfilling things I could possibly do as a woman. At some point, the acknowledgement of a woman's fertility became offensive and somehow degrading to some. I think it is a shame that some women have rejected their womanhood, their femininity and their motherhood. If you are trying to stand up for a woman's rights, be a woman and show the world how wonderful it is. I think it is time women started accepting who they are and demanding respect for themselves as women. I think it is time for women to start embracing their fertility as a gift and realize that nothing else compares to it. CATHERINE BURNHAM Saint John, NB

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