40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil

New Brunswick Right to Life will again take part in the international 40 day prayer vigil known as “40 Days for Life.” Over the past several years, this prayer campaign has seen innumerable blessings including the closure of some 40 abortion facilities where such campaigns have been held. We will once again hold a quiet, peaceful, loving prayer vigil across from the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton. It will begin on September 25 and end on November 3. It will involve three hours a day (1 – 4 pm) of continuous prayer and witness. This will be our 4th campaign. Pro-life supporters in Moncton and Bathurst will also hold vigils outside their abortion hospitals. So New Brunswick's three main abortion locales will have the cover of much, much prayer. Since abortion is first and foremost a spiritual battle, we look forward to this opportunity to be instruments of the God of life. We invite participants to come for an hour at a time if possible. Please know that this is not about judgment and condemnation, this is about a loving witness for life and good will toward everyone including those with “pro-choice” attitudes and those who have had abortions. In the past, we have seen how the Lord uses our visibility to touch people with his love. Our God is alive, and he works through encounters just like this, if we let Him. It is hard to take Christ into the public arena, but that is what He calls us to do. Faith is not meant to be a purely private matter: that is worldly thinking, not God’s! But it hurts sometimes to spread the Good News. As Mother Teresa once said, love is not love until it hurts. Taking up our cross daily is not supposed to be piece of cake. But it’s a good hurt! And just as it did on the Cross, love conquers; it changes the world.  

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