Doing the math on abortions

To The Editor : This letter is to further Thaddée Renault's letter (Gov't, reopen abortion de­bate; May 30). I have been doing exten­sive research on this topic. There are on average 100,000 abortions per year in Canada alone, each of which is funded by our tax dollars at $1,000 per procedure (which doesn't include complications or further counselling). If you do the math, your tax dollars paid $100 million to eliminate babies. And that doesn't account for the $1.6 billion those babies could have contributed to the economy in 25 years as working citizens with their income tax alone. Quick math, I know, but still to the point. The biggest controversy that I see is this: if a woman doesn't want to keep her child, it's called her choice and an abortion. If she has a miscarriage, or loses the child, or has an accident and she is killed along with her baby (car accident or otherwise), it's called a double murder. I would like to know why the double standard? It's called a baby/child if it's wanted, but non human if it's not. The personal choice of wanting to abort doesn't change what you have in your womb. My wife and I are in the process of trying to adopt, and were told that for infants there is a waiting list of at least eight years. Let's say that those 100,000 babies weren't aborted; maybe dreams my wife and I have of having children would not have to wait so long. If you are pregnant, as a teen or otherwise, remember, you do have options. Seek them, adoption is an option. The emotions you will have after the abortion are permanent. Do research of previous abortion candidates. Most of them regret it within one week, realizing it was murder. And if abortion is so acceptable, why can't we look at pictures of aborted babies? Why are people so offended if abortion is a completely acceptable option? Think about it before you go through it. Ray Leger, Moncton

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