Passing of Henry Morgentaler

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release May 29, 2013

Executive Director Peter Ryan released the following statement on hearing of Henry Morgentaler’s passing today:

“We feel very sorry for Henry Morgentaler. He has gone to his Maker, and has such a lot to answer for. “His legacy is the death of hundreds of thousands of Canadian children, including over 9,000 in New Brunswick. He thought he was helping women but a dead child helps no mother. His opinion on the matter no longer counts. Only the truth matters now. “I had the fortune of meeting him several years ago, and enjoyed our conversation. He was a fascinating man. I have prayed daily for him for many years, and I know many others have as well. I have never hated him. I have always seen him as a troubled, misguided soul. “May God have mercy on him. “His passing means his lawsuit against New Brunswick dies. New Brunswick is one feather he failed to put his cap, though he tried long and hard to do so. This we do not mourn.” - 30 -    

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  • Lorraine Shonaman

    To reply to Derwith’s comments, I am a woman and God is in charge of my body since He created me, And my only freedom comes to me by respecting the Truth in God that can neither deceive or be decieved. I am truly free even from being angry or scared of you. Dr. Morgentaler has met God who created him and he knows the full Truth now. So will you and I when we die. May we die in the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ so that our ‘memory’ will live on not only in this passing world but for all eternity. I love you though I have never met you, Derwith! God bless you in your search for true freedom.

  • Marie Robitaille

    The legacy of Henry is of thousands of innocent helpless baby’s lives lost before ever seeing the light of day., not to mention the sufferings of all their mothers & fathers.

    Unfortunately , you are right Derwith……his cause will not die with his passing and therefore the struggle must continue to bring all of society to respect & protect every human being —born & unborn—

  • Ron Jessulat

    It is difficult for me to understand how a person who suffered persecution and survived the Nazi death camps could have such disrespect for human life. Morgentaler claims to have women’s health as the prime motivator for becoming an abortionist. However, he can’t seem to get to Step 2 of this process, which is the violent destruction of an unborn child. Where is his compassion on this aspect of abortion? Most women will regret having an abortion at some later point in their lives.
    We have a very perverse view of heroism in this country if we would award the Order of Canada to such a person as Morgentaler. Bravo to those people of principle who returned their awards.

  • Tera

    I would like to comment on “women alone are in charge of their body’s”. No human being is in full “charge” of their bodies. When one begins to speak in terms of control (or being “in charge”), especially over another human, intimidation is involved. Love however is not about being “in charge”, but rather about the giving of oneself.

    While you are right that Morgentaler’s cause will not die with his passing, not “all free thinking Canadian people” will see this as a legacy worth celebrating. While you focus on “the women’s lives he saved” there are many women who suffer greatly post abortion and many men as well who suffer post-abortion. Not to mention the many women and men who were never had a chance to live outside the womb because they were also victims of abortion at an early stage of their lives.

    Life is a gift. It is because of life that I am able to think freely and make the choice to love another. It is out of love for Morgentaler that many have prayed for him and for him to have eyes that see, and ears that hear what abortion is and also what love is. Many had desired that he would come to understand what life can be and what joy there is to be found in life, in order that so many lives would not be cut so short. I will pray for you, and I’m sure many others who see your post will lovingly add you to their prayers as well.

  • Tony Pelletier


    Ok, maybe Henry Morgentaler was sincere. Maybe he wanted to help. But, objectively speaking, he cared for only one side of the equation. When you abort, you kill. No woman can be saved through the direct kiling of her child. Being pro-life, on the other hand, is about caring for *both* the mother and the baby (and the father, too). Please consider becoming a defender of born and preborn people. May God bless you.

  • Gina Cote

    I too felt so sorry Henry Morgentler died without revealing the truth what abortion is- a killing of an innocent baby. I kept hoping Morgentaler would follow the footsteps of Dr. Nathanson who killed 10,000 babies but woke up to the truth and recanted with great repentance for his crimes against humanity. I pray now for the repose of Morgentaler’s soul, believing in Divine Mercy.

  • Michelle Bitto

    The legacy of Henry Morgenaler is that every baby girl he aborted is a dead woman and every baby boy a dead man. Talk about paying for the sins of the father …

    Just because a father or mother doesn’t want to care for his or her child, the child is killed and tossed in the garbage.

    Not to mention the mothers who were not respected in this procedure. Or maybe Derwith never read the article in the paper about Henry re-using disposable curettes, for instance, saving him a nickel for a procedure that he charged hundreds of dollars for.

    We will pray for Henry Morgentaler, not because he was any kind of a hero, but because he was a man, and we have at least that much respect for a man, even Henry, to pray for his eternal salvation.

  • Tera

    Yes. He did not want to abort those he termed babies, however this raises the question of when one transfers from being a fetus (meaning offspring) to becoming an unborn baby (still considered an offspring)? The fundamental truth is a human being is human no matter what stage of life they are in, and discrimination and removal of rights because of age (or stage of life) is to partake in ageism.

  • Tera

    No one on this site is looking to silence the opposing opinion. We see and love all humans as having equal dignity no matter their age, race, creed, gender, etc. It is because of our dignity as humans that we have inalienable rights, which no other human has the right to take from us. It is this fundamental dignity which gives us true freedom, freedom to love (even as God loves), and through love freedom to live free from oppression.

  • James

    It is indeed sad to see someone go to their Maker leaving such a legacy of death behind. Listening to the news on TV I heard that his motive was his hatred of the Holocaust which took six million Jewish lives, it would seem that he took on the role of being God and wanted revenge for their murders, ironically he again played God by murdering the most defenseless state of life, the unborn, and the numbers not only make the Nazi killings seems small but they continue to grow by the second and will not stop until people accept that God is the Creator, deciding when we are born and die. My advice, pray to God for mercy on him, forgive him, pray for those on earth to be filled with the Holy Spirit and we will see love and happiness return. If you don’t believe this I urge you to try the following, ask the Holy Spirit to enter your heart and guide you, ask Him to show you, ask Him to convince you. Don’t feel bad if you don’t believe, I didn’t either, but what have you got to lose? You may be blessed as I was and actually see the Holy Spirit enter you.

    God bless Everyone


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