It’s a Girl Music Video

A new video from the cause: IT'S A GIRL DOCUMENTARY - End Gendercide Now Posted by Jessica Dahl (cause leader) We are so excited to be the first to share with you the It's a Girl music video! Please take a minute right now to watch it and share with your friends. After seeing just the film trailer, Omékongo Dibinga was inspired to lend his voice to help end gendercide. Omekongo - a rapper, trilingual poet, CNN contributor, motivational speaker and the Director of UPstander International - put pen to paper and wrote this amazing hip-hop song. "I wrote this song because hip-hop is a global force. Yet too many hip-hop artists do not use their powerful skills and influence to speak on issues like these. I want to use my talent to make a positive change in this world." - Omékongo. If you want to help make a positive change in this world, please watch and share this inspiring music video. Learn more about the story behind the video on our website. Thank you! The It's a Girl Team           <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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