Waiting for an explanation

Appeared in Daily Gleaner Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8, 2012 Re: Letter published Oct. 29 called Outrageous behaviour indeed! Many past letters on abortion have focused on protests outside the Morgen taler Clinic. Simone Leibovitch's letter shines a bit of light on what happens inside. Ms. Leibovitch acknowledges abortion seeking women are not shown images of fetal development. But doesn't a woman who is, for example, two months pregnant have a right to be informed that her baby has all limbs and organs formed, beating heart, brain waves and so on? If she is not so informed, how can Ms. Leibovitch claim her clinic adheres to 'informed consent'? And if there is no informed consent, is her facility genuinely a 'medical clinic' as she maintains? Or is its real purpose to expedite the ending of an unborn life, even if certain corners must be cut? Ms. Leibovitch says the reason the clinic's clients are not offered fetal information is that they already 'understand fetal development.' How credible is that? We know some clinic escorts, who seem largely to be university students, have dismissed pro-life protesters' images of unborn babies as 'Photoshopped,' where this is manifestly not the case. Any embryology text has similar images. If university students are so ignorant, how well informed are less educated women arriving for abortions? There is no valid excuse for withholding such information from women. Is Ms. Leibovitch's real reason for keeping women in the dark that to do otherwise might interfere with the cash register? If the clinic does not give information on fetal development, what else does it withhold? Does it inform women that abortion greatly increases the risk of premature birth in subsequent pregnancy? Does it tell them how suicide rates and incidence of substance abuse soar following an abortion, and that therefore they might be at increased risk? If she truly operates a medical clinic, Ms. Leibovitch has some explaining to do. Glenda Barrington, Fredericton  & Anne Lewis New Maryland, N.B.  

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