We have tossed our moral compass out the window

Appeared in Daily Gleaner Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8, 2012 Re: 40-day vigil The so-called '40 Days for Life' vigil, which took place recently on Brunswick Street, has elicited many commentaries among onlookers. Most were expressions of surprise at the vigilers' six-week, daily, 12-hour, quiet perseverance, despite often inclement weather. How to explain such tenacity? My experience has been that people, once confronted with the biological reality of abortion and its availability under any circumstances, become strong pro-lifers. The sudden revelation for many of them that babies can be legally aborted in Canada up to the moment of birth has been a real game changer. Suddenly, abortion doesn't seem a very complicated issue anymore. (G.K. Chesterton masterfully encapsulated the indifference to the abortion issue: 'Moral issues are always terribly complex for those who lack strong principles.') Tragically, the reverence we once held for the unborn succumbed to a culture that has lost its way and collapsed into moral relativism. Even the notion that there could be such a thing as right and wrong, that moral issues can be black and white, is unfamiliar to many and, understandably, it can become the cause of eye-rolling when anyone refers to abortion as evil. When a Canadian government allows and even subsidizes - a woman to pay a doctor to destroy her unborn child for reasons of convenience, we've not only lost our perspective on life, but have tossed our moral compass out the window. That coupled with the recognition of the gruesome reality of an abortion and the misery manifested by so many post-abortive women is what motivated people to stand and pray for 40 days on Brunswick Street for an end to abortion. Thaddée Renault Fredericton  

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