In a letter to the editor Oct. 9, Ms. Judy Burwell complains that recently   pro-life protesters displayed a picture of an "allegedly aborted fetus" to middle school students passing by on the street near the Morgentaler Clinic.  Here is the picture.  It is NOT an abortion image, but a beautiful image of an unborn baby at 2 months gestation. For more on prenatal development:     Dear Daily Gleaner Opinion Editor: Re: "Students were exposed to inappropriate picture," October 9 letter to editor It’s a tired movie rerun we’ve seen through the years: those who peacefully protest the violence of abortion at the Morgentaler clinic are publicly maligned and falsely accused of outrageous behaviour by clinic staff or supporters. The latest example is Judy Burwell’s letter. After falsely accusing protesters of displaying an image of "an allegedly aborted fetus" to middle school students passing by, Ms. Burwell predictably jumps on her soapbox to condemn pro-lifers. The movie always ends the same: allegations are found to be baseless, the belly-aching rhetoric to be hollow, and questions are raised about the accuser’s mischief-making. The only thing displayed was a beautiful, medically-accurate image of an unborn baby at two months gestation. No gruesome abortion picture. Does Ms. Burwell, a nurse and former clinic manager, not know the difference? Or does she know and not care for the truth when it does not serve her purpose? Readers may view the actual image at Contrary to Ms. Burwell’s allegation, the displayed image is not "inappropriate" for middle school students. For heaven’s sake, prenatal development is in the middle school health curriculum! Every student should see such an image. After all, it’s part of their own life story. Moreover, women should view such images before any abortion at the clinic. Do they? Does the clinic adhere to informed consent? A spurious accusation like this not only creates mischief, it is dangerous. It fuels hatred toward active pro-lifers like us. We have each encountered violent-tempered pro-choicers in recent days. There may or may not be a connection to the letter. It would not be surprising if there were. Whether written in ignorance or malice, Ms. Burwell’s false and harmful allegation should be withdrawn. And please: no more reruns. Sincerely, Peter and Suzie Ryan Charters Settlement NB            

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