Sorry, We Started Debating Without You.

by Jonathon Van Maren, May 9, 2012, File 1121 The cat is out of the bag. For the last several months, politicians and commentators have been debating about whether or not the abortion debate should be opened (as my colleague Jojo Ruba noted, if you have to debate that a debate is closed, it probably isn’t.) Abortion activists such as Joyce Arthur trumpeted that Conservative MP Gordon Connor’s statement “society has moved on” had dealt a stunning blow to the pro-life movement. Almost everybody who writes for the National Post, conversely, came out in shockingly emphatic columns calling for a re-examination of the gruesome status quo. The thing is, while abortion movement and the politicians have been calling out in their echo chamber, desperately trying to suggest that we all go home and please be quiet, pro-lifers have been mobilizing. An article in the Toronto Star yesterday highlights the activism groups CCBR has been starting across the country, as well as the ever-increasing influence of the National Campus Life Network and the burgeoning Campaign Life Coalition Youth. Shockingly, it turns out that increasing amounts of young people aren’t buying the philosophically inept and scientifically bankrupt worldview of an outdated pro-“choice” movement. Even desperate attempts to gain support by donning genitalia costumes,stripping naked in front of displays, and wearing funny hats, hasn’t really resonated beyond giving hard-working pro-life activists comic relief. An angry Facebook group called “Death to the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform” ended up rapidly filling with debates about abortion. Even Joyce Arthur was forced to admit that there seems to be a demographic shift, telling the Toronto Star that “definitely there is a huge surge in young people being active in the anti-choice movement.” She tries to soften these statements on the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada Facebook page, assuring her supporters that our “commitment is probably overblown” and insinuating that once a few more pro-lifers get pregnant, we’ll all slink off to join her in the twilight zone. She also notes that “ignorance plays a huge role, unfortunately.” On that point, challenge accepted. Our organization is fully willing to debate anyone ARCC would like to send our way—and in public! Canada is starting to notice that while the older generation bickers about whether or not to open the abortion debate, we just did. Maybe parliamentarians don’t want to debate it yet, but we’re debating it with our peers on the streets. We’re bringing our message of universal human rights onto university and college campuses. We’re bringing our message to Canada’s mailboxes. And we’re in this to end it. I’ve noted before that a movement based on killing off the young can’t expect a lot of young people in their movement. If you abort your children, you have no one to pass on your worldview to—instead you have to try to pass it on to others. We’re not buying it. And here’s a promise from pro-life youth: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.      

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