Superheroes and peanuts

By Leah Smith,, January 20, 2012 On January 1, 1978, I got a birthday.  And, to make it all the more exciting: I was born to a young girl who is a hero (a real, true blue super hero, actually). Only months before, my 16 year old birth mom had been counselled and hugged and told that abortion is really up to the mother, and the mother had to do what was best for herself.
Here’s what makes my birth mother a real, true mother….and my hero:  She didn’t do what was best for herself….she did what was best for her child.  She stood up and walked out of an abortion clinic. Because of her refusal to rid herself and her family of this “nuisance and annoyance and embarrassment” later to be named Leah; her father made her a ward of the courts.  She had to find a place to live, had to find her own support system, had to deal with very big issues on her own. But, she did this for me. She told the people who said that giving birth to the baby wasn’t worth the problems, that I was worth the problems, and she gave me to a family that needed a bouncing and singing little girl. How amazing that of all the wombs in all the females, I landed into the womb of a selfless hero who stood up for a tiny, little peanut who was getting ready to take on the world. Was I really not worth those problems? Should I really be dead right now? People who say that abortion is OK, are actually telling me that they would have been OK with my birth mom ending me before I even had a chance to see the ocean, eat an ice cream cone, climb a tree or hug my Mommy and Daddy.  I’m no different than all of the other little peanuts who are floating around in their Mommy’s womb, listening to her voice…hoping that she will be their voice. Oh how wonderful that my life wasn’t taken from me.  It’s unbelievable that so many don’t make it through. I’m not sure how to help those who are pro choice understand how grateful I am that I was born, and how sad it is that because of this “choice” so many are not….but here’s what I am sure of:  I don’t take this life for granted, and I always celebrate like crazy on my birthday. Reprinted with permission from

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  • Karm

    — she really did give you a good start to life, way to go birth mom. I hope where ever she is she knows just how much you love and appreciate here. Thanks for sharing.

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