“I want to thank you for my life”

Personal Testimony by Brenda May Matchett - March for Life 2011 In the year 1973 in the month of November I found myself pregnant with child at the age of 23. Being unemployed and single I had little to offer by way of a good future for this child who was growing within me. After much soul searching and 3 months into my pregnancy I made my decision to go to a home for unwed mothers to give my child up for adoption. My decision for adoption did not come without much suffering, pain and sorrow. I knew that the sacrifice I was making would be in the best interest of my child knowing that my baby would be raised and cared for in a family with both a mother and father. Through the years my faith in God always sustained me, and my birth child was always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. It was in March of 1974 that I decided to give my birth child life and it was in March of 2005 that this life was given back to me. I received word that my birth child was looking for me and that there was a letter waiting for me.  The first line of his letter read “I want to thank you for my life.” I met my birth son Trevor that same year and the following year I met his mom and dad.    I thanked his mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to meet them and Trevor’s dad responded with “We can never thank you enough Brenda for what you gave us.”  Then Trevor’s mom said “We’ll share OUR son Brenda.” Trevor was given back to me Holy Week of 2005, so each Easter Sunday I celebrate 2 new lives: Jesus and Trevor’s.

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