TWO Big Prayer Campaigns This Fall in NB

This fall will see two big pro-life prayer campaigns in New Brunswick. The international 40 Days for Life campaign will again include this province, as it did in 2009 and 2010. This time, for the first time, the campaign will be conducted at two NB abortion sites. “It is exciting to see the surge of interest in praying for life,” said NB Right to Life executive director Peter Ryan. The campaign will be held from September 28-November 6. 40 Days for Life is an international interdenominational Christian event each spring and fall. 387 cities have now taken part. It involves 40 days of around the clock prayer, fasting and witness near a clinic or hospital performing abortions. In 2009 some 400 people took part in a campaign near the Morgentaler clinic in Fredericton. Last year about 300 were involved in a campaign by the Dumont Hospital in Moncton. “This year we’ll do both places,” said Mr. Ryan. “Each time we have done it the past, the blessings were many. Thousands of people were touched by our witness. And we believe precious lives were saved. “Our God is a God of life. He is very much alive, and loves it when we pray and honour him.” 40 Days organizers report they are aware of 4,313 lives saved as a result of past vigils. 14 abortion sites have closed during or after a 40 Day campaign, the latest being in the East Los Angeles suburb of La Puente. Many abortion workers have also quit. One is now famous as a pro-life author. Abby Johnson used to run a Texas clinic where the very first 40 Days occurred several years ago. She is now the author of the bombshell tell-all book Unplanned. For information on the past success of 40 Days, visit To view the video of the recent clinic closing go to For more information on the fall campaign please contact the NB Right to Life office.  Toll-free:  1-888-796-9600 or 506-459-8990 or email:

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