Pro-lifers prayed for Layton

Telegraph Journal, Aug. 30/11 The authentic concern that pro-lifers have in their prayers, for those who have had abortions or who support abortions, is a never-ending commitment in the hope that they will come to realize how wrong they are. There motto, "Life for all. Love for All" was never more evident than in the prayers they are saying for Jack Layton, in spite of Jack's long time support for abortions and his other anti-life, anti-family initiatives. Pro-lifers harbour no ill will against Jack Layton, Although pro-lifers have an unshakable faith that prayer can change the mind of every misguided pro-abortion individual, they are keenly aware that politicians like Jack Layton are their most powerful opponents as they strive to protect the unborn. What motivates pro-lifers to continue their mission, in addition to their love of God and the protection of the unborn, is the success their prayer vigils have in influencing mothers not to kill their babies, and the increasing number of young people who are pro-life. Right to Life is aware of the research which shows that women who have abortions will suffer physical and mental complications in their life. Also, statistics indicate that the declining population will be the most serious threat to the future well-being of all Canadians. TERRY F. WHALEN SR. Miramichi  

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