A Nurse’s Testimony – Walk for Life, Bathurst

Hello Everyone...I’m Charlotte Barrett...I’m a nurse.  Easter season 2010, I was invited to a friend’s home to watch “The Passion of the Christ.”  I usually only watch comedy or romance, so I’d certainly not been anxious to see The Passion.  I felt, it being Easter, and me being a new Catholic, I should bite the bullet and see this movie.  I sure wasn’t looking forward to it though. To my surprise, I watched it and felt no sadness, or any emotion, for that matter.  That was because just before we set to watch The Passion...I saw something that moved me so much.  I saw a picture of Jesus, in the garden holding a baby in His hand.  On closer observation it was an aborted baby, a murdered baby.  Maybe one that I helped put there!  The grief I felt at seeing this was indescribable.  I had really done such a horrific deed – many times.  It was true...I had intentionally caused such pain to Jesus.  I was distraught.  I sat on the kitchen floor after the movie, crying that I had to go to confession.  I stayed up all night waiting for 6 a.m. to come then called the priest to make an appointment for confession.  That Holy Thursday I was forgiven. Everytime I pray that abortions will end, I pray that not only the moms will have the courage to say “No, I’ve changed my mind”, but that also the doctors, nurses and all staff will have the courage to say “No!” I am so grateful that I have been forgiven for my part in abortions and for supporting the decision of the young moms AND the older moms to murder their & Jesus’ babies. I will spend the rest of my days, and I am going to make old bones, telling my story...and that is...that there is NEVER justification for murder, or for the politically correct term – ABORTION. When I pray, I ask that the moms may be given the graces and courage they need to say NO.  They will have many powerful obstacles to overcome and they will need our love and support, in every way, to succeed.  It is the responsibility of each of us to help, as we are able and as we are called.  I also pray for us to have the graces and courage we need to do this and be there. So the debate about pro-life versus pro-choice is politically correct.  But really the debate is...pro-life or pro-death.  This is what each of us need to decide. Are we going to be joyous over a decision for pro-life and have condemnation for a decision of pro-death? No...we are called to let Jesus’ love show through us and to spread the word that only one decision is RIGHT.  Peace will only come when that decision is made by each of us. So let PEACE begin with ME...AND with YOU! AMEN & may God bless us all.  

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  • Fintan Wade

    Oh! Que c’est grand l’Amour de Jésus! Moi aussi, je prie tous les jours pour que cesse l’infanticide mondiale! Les écoles ne donne pas une éducation sexuelle complète! Ils doivent introduire les horreurs de l’avortement et il faut que les jeunes sachent comment ils sont mis à mort! Il n’y a pas grand chose à faire avec ceux qui font des avortements ou l’approuvent. J’ai eu l’occasion d’échanger mes convictions à propos de la vie de ces enfants à naître. C’est un dialogue de sourd tellement ces personnes sont convaincus qu’ils ont raison! Il faut miser sur le jeunesse. Il existe un rosaire pour l’enfant à naître pour ceux qui voudraient se joindre à notre prière. http://www.rosaryoftheunborn.com

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