Comments on NB Human Rights Inquiry into Provincial Abortion Policy

The following are comments by Executive Director Peter Ryan: “This is yet another plot by abortion-rights activists against New Brunswick and its existing protections for babies and mothers. For some years, they have targeted New Brunswick, as exemplified by Morgentaler's lawsuit. It seems now, unable to succeed through normal political channels (i.e. the Legislature and government), and frustrated by the court process, they are resorting to a back-door approach through a quasijudicial tribunal. “Hospitals should be about saving lives, not taking them. We already have a serious problem in our hospitals, with many abortions performed on demand rather than out of medical necessity. Medicare is being defrauded. The two-doctor requirement offers some protection against abuse and fraud, to drop that would exacerbate the existing problem. The result will be the needless death of more babies, at taxpayers' expense. “The current system completely fails women. No informed consent protocols are in place, so women often get abortions without knowing what is involved, the serious risks, etc. Women's emotional and physical health is being greatly harmed by hundreds of unnecessary abortions. We worry things will get worse instead of better. “We are strongly opposed to this inquiry. In all likelihood this is not some poor woman looking for a medically necessary abortion, this is abortion rights activists trying to game the system. We will advance our view at every opportunity. The media unfortunately tend to give the other side the lion's share of press. “Our organization represents the traditional and still widespread view of New Brunswickers that every child is a gift from God and deserving of life. Polls show most New Brunswickers are against most abortions, and very much object to taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. The province’s existing protections for life and mothers reflect public opinion, not only our organization's position.”

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  • Finton Wade

    I think that pro lifers must push on governement that the real reality of abortion should be shown to teens everywhere in Canada. The group of people having abortions are those who live together out of marriage. The second group are made of young people especilly teens! Wouldn’t be more responsable and respectful of their bodies and about life after knowing thw whole thuth about abortion? Those two groups must see the dreadful pics of aborted child and vids of how it is done!

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