Adoption in Canada Press Release

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National campaign will raise awareness of infant adoption choices for women with unplanned pregnancies.

Ottawa, Ontario—November is National Adoption Awareness Month in Canada, and LifeCanada is pleased to announce the launch of its ADOPTION IN CANADA media campaign to raise awareness of infant adoption. (See attached ads.) In Canada, less than 2% of single women facing an unplanned pregnancy will place their children for adoption. For many, adoption is a frightening and unthinkable prospect. For some, it means “giving up” their child to complete strangers and never hearing about them again. They are misinformed and this campaign will give them the facts about all the choices women have with adoption. “Adoption is a good choice, and birth parents deserve all of the information available about this choice,” says project director, Anastasia Bowles. “They need to know that times have changed. They need to know that open adoption—where the birth parents select the adoptive families and negotiate future contact and involvement—is common practice today. They need to know that there is help for them and there are people who will support them.” “We hope to change attitudes with this campaign,” Bowles adds. “Typically, even the language used about adoption is negative. Those in adoption-related fields prefer to say a woman ‘places’ or ‘releases’--not ‘gives up’--her child for adoption. We promote respect for those women who have made that difficult, but heroic, choice. In the past, adoptions were often secret, shame-filled proceedings. Even today, a stigma can remain attached to adoption. Adoptees and adoptive parents often suffer due to painful misconceptions and negative stereotypes. The Adoption in Canada campaign challenges those misconceptions and highlights the fact that adoption can be a positive, albeit sometimes difficult, journey for all involved.” MP Maurice Vellacott, who sits on the Human Resources Parliamentary Committee just launching a study on adoption, commends the Adoption in Canada campaign. “The Adoption in Canada campaign helps to raise awareness of infant adoption in Canada,” he says. “The campaign promotes respect for adoptive families, adoptees and especially, birth parents, recognizing that all have a unique and important role in strengthening Canadian families and communities.” The Adoption in Canada media campaign is a nationwide project targeted specifically to women aged 18 to 29 years who are facing an unforeseen pregnancy and who may never have been told about adoption and what it means…today. The campaign is the result of exhaustive research. Numerous birth parents, adoptive families and adoptees were interviewed, as were those who work in adoption-related fields. The end result is an ad campaign designed by those who understand the issue. It includes a comprehensive website for birth parents with information, links to support groups, a toll-free helpline, and video testimonials from those whose lives have been touched by adoption. The website is a valuable learning tool for those facing unforeseen pregnancies who might not otherwise consider adoption. The website may be viewed at

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Contacts: Anastasia Bowles, Project Director; 1-866-780-5433; cell: 613-371-3168 ; Jennifer Snell, Chair, Advertising Committee; 613-835-4201; About LifeCanada: LifeCanada is a Canada-wide non-profit organization uniting groups and individuals around public education on the value of human life. To see a sample of one of the ads being run in Canada: Adoption1

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