“Adoption is a Good Idea” – Young New Brunswicker Shares His Story

Editor’s Note: During NB Right to Life’s 40 Days for Life campaign many touching personal stories came to light. A grandmother shared the following story about her grandson - composed in his words as presented to his school class. Names and dates have been altered to protect identities. My name was Jordan Burns. Why do you know me as Matt Stevens? On May 13, 19-- I was born to a single mother in Moncton, New Brunswick. My birth mother realized she would be unable to support and take proper care of me. She made a decision to find a family who could provide the necessary support. Family and Children Services allowed my birth mother to choose my parents. My birth mother was 15 years old. I have always known that I was adopted and my parents told me when I was ready I could meet my birth mother. On December 19, 20-- I found out who my birth mother is. Many people have to wait a long time to find out who their birth mother is. My grandmother who is adopted did not find out who her birth mother was until she was more than 40 years old. My grandmother was never told by her adopted parents that she was adopted. When her mother passed away, her brother gave her the adoption papers and then she started to search for her biological mother. My grandmother met her birth mother. The rest of the family did not meet her because she passed away. I am lucky because I am growing up knowing who my siblings are and some adopted children, like my grandmother, have never found out if she had siblings. There are two types of adoption. One is private adoption and one is open adoption. Private adoption is when the birth mother does not meet the adopted parents. My adoption was an open adoption were my birth mother and father met my parents. When a baby is put up for adoption the birth mother picks a profile of a family where she would like the baby to be placed. My mother now has two children (my half brother and half sister). Adopted parents have to be at least 19 years of age. Birth mothers now have the opportunity to meet the adopted parents. When I spoke to Family Services the youngest birth mother they counseled was 12 years old. After the birth mother gives birth the baby is placed into foster care for 15 days or more until legal documents are signed. When I was 5 days old, I left the hospital with my adopted parents and brother. Usually after this it takes up to 12 months for the final adoption to go through the courts. When an adopted child reaches legal age, and wants to meet their birth parents then a request to Family and Children Services is required. Family and Children Services then brings the request to the birth parents to ask for a meeting with their biological child. The birth parents can also request the meeting with their biological child. Both parties must be in agreement before they meet. I feel adoption is a good idea for females who become pregnant and do not have the support at home to be a single mom. I am very fortunate to be adopted into a family that supports me and encourages me to be myself. I hope this information gives you a general idea on adoption.

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