Pro-life prayer campaign by Dumont Hospital


For Immediate Release Sept. 21, 2010

Pro-life supporters will conduct a 40 day prayer vigil by the Dr. Georges Dumont Hospital, beginning this Wednesday. Peter Ryan of NB Right, sponsor of the event, says the reason is that the hospital performs many abortions. "The hospital did 221 last year," Ryan says, citing Health Department statistics. He notes that 4 other regional hospitals, including the Moncton Hospital, did no abortions, while two others did a total of only four. Another 119 were carried out at the Chaleur Hospital in Bathurst. "Since 2006 the Dumont has become the main hospital centre for provincial abortions," Ryan says. "It is a tragic situation." The prayer vigil will take place daily across from the hospital. It is part of an international campaign called 40 Days for Life scheduled simultaneously in some 238 cities. "This is not a protest," Ryan underlines, "rather it is a silent, peaceful gathering to pray in love for babies, moms and everyone concerned. We hope everyone can respect our right to gather and pray." Contact: Peter Ryan (506) 459-8990 or 1-888-796-9600

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