Beautifully, Wonderfully Made

This is a touching beautiful story.  Posie, who wrote it, is the grandmother.   Fearfully Wonderfully Made

Blessed by Melissa

by PATRICIA M. DEVLIN When I was collecting stories for the Amazing Grace for Survivors book, I came across this heart warming story by a friend of a friend who was born blind.

I suppose Melissa would be called a child in a PVS state these days. About fifty years ago, a professional …read more|en savoir plus

Superheroes and peanuts

By Leah Smith,, January 20, 2012 On January 1, 1978, I got a birthday.  And, to make it all the more exciting: I was born to a young girl who is a hero (a real, true blue super hero, actually). Only months before, my 16 year old birth mom had been counselled and …read more|en savoir plus

Cancer-stricken teen mother dies to give her baby life

by Ben Johnson, Dec 31, 2011 An Idaho teenager diagnosed with cancer died last month after refusing to abort her unborn child or expose him to radiation. Jenni and her baby while the father Nathan leans over to kiss Jenni on forehead Jenni Lake, 17, of Pocatello, Idaho, was diagnosed with cancer in October 2010 after …read more|en savoir plus

Batman star Christian Bale roughed up while trying to visit China pro-life activist

by Patrick B. Craine, Dec 16, 2011 DONGSHIGU VILLAGE, China, December 16, 2011 ( – Famed Batman star Christian Bale is making headlines after he traveled nine hours from Beijing to visit blind forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng. The actor never got the chance, however, as he was roughed up and forced away from …read more|en savoir plus