Talk given by Thaddée Renault at Sussex Pro-Life Supper – April 28, 2013 There`s an old saying in French which goes like this, “Chassez le naturel et il revient au gallop,” – which translates, “Banish the natural and it comes galloping back.” People who know me often suggest I should adopt a more mellow …read more|en savoir plus

Thaddée’s Corner

This web page contains a sample of Thaddée Renault`s letters on pro-life issues, sent to media and other sources. They are very roughly grouped under the following seven headings: 1. Abortion & Unknown Victims of Violence 2. Morgentaler – Order of Canada 3. Ugly Abortion Pictures (Genocide Awareness Project) 4. Euthanasia 5.  Gardasil 6. …read more|en savoir plus