New Brunswick abortion debate could reopen as province seeks to block doctor’s human rights complaint

Tamsin McMahon, National Post,  Jan. 12, 2012 In a case that could reopen New Brunswick’s abortion debate, the provincial government has gone to court to block a hearing into a doctor’s human rights complaint that the province’s restrictive abortion laws prevent her from providing proper medical care and discriminate against her as a female …read more|en savoir plus

Prayer vigil at Chaleur Hospital Fall 2011

A Nurse’s Testimony – Walk for Life, Bathurst

Hello Everyone…I’m Charlotte Barrett…I’m a nurse.  Easter season 2010, I was invited to a friend’s home to watch “The Passion of the Christ.”  I usually only watch comedy or romance, so I’d certainly not been anxious to see The Passion.  I felt, it being Easter, and me being a new Catholic, I should bite …read more|en savoir plus

Comments on NB Human Rights Inquiry into Provincial Abortion Policy

The following are comments by Executive Director Peter Ryan: “This is yet another plot by abortion-rights activists against New Brunswick and its existing protections for babies and mothers. For some years, they have targeted New Brunswick, as exemplified by Morgentaler’s lawsuit. It seems now, unable to succeed through normal political channels (i.e. the Legislature …read more|en savoir plus

Inquiry called into abortion policy in N.B.

Tamsin McMahon, National Post · Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010 The New Brunswick Human Rights Commission has launched an investigation into the province’s controversial abortion policy, which critics say forces most women to pay for an abortion out of their own pocket. New Brunswick only covers the cost of an abortion if a woman …read more|en savoir plus

Notes and Photos from 2010 40 Days Campaign in Moncton

Province won’t confirm abortion numbers

Dear Editor, Re: “Province won’t confirm abortion numbers,” Telegraph Journal, Oct. 16. Ron Jussulat is exactly right in the abortion figures he provides for provincial hospitals. We released these same statistics to the public in May, having obtained them from the Department of Health via the Legislature. Two regional hospitals (Bathurst, Georges Dumont in …read more|en savoir plus

Department of Health won’t confirm abortion numbers for Chaleur Regional

Abortion numbers Chaleur Regional

Pro-life prayer campaign by Dumont Hospital

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Sept. 21, 2010 Pro-life supporters will conduct a 40 day prayer vigil by the Dr. Georges Dumont Hospital, beginning this Wednesday. Peter Ryan of NB Right, sponsor of the event, says the reason is that the hospital performs many abortions. “The hospital did 221 last year,” Ryan says, citing …read more|en savoir plus

Health Minister Would Not Intervene at Hospitals Doing Abortion on Demand

August 2009 The New Brunswick Right to Life Association continues to be dismayed by the evidence that unborn babies are being aborted virtually on demand at two hospitals in the province. It is doubly dismayed by a lack of political leadership in recognizing and dealing with the problem. For several months the Association corresponded …read more|en savoir plus