40 Days for Life 2009, in Fredericton: Some Highlights

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Day 40: “Commit your way to the Lord and He will act.” At 8 pm we had over 100 for our closing hour! What a beautiful sight it was, seeing the procession of vigilers with candles lit stretching down Brunswick and up Regent. Bishop Robert Harris led us in prayer, we sang several hymns, prayed aloud for the closing of the abortuary, and offered one last time our silent prayer, fasting and witness for the cause of life. …read more|en savoir plus

Each life saved is an immeasurable blessing

Letters to the Editor by Peter Ryan, Daily Gleaner, Nov. 26, 2009

What 40 Days is All About

Re: Prayer vigil

Over a 40-day period, Sept. 23 to Nov. 1, thousands of readers would have seen people praying quietly each day across the street from Fredericton’s well-known abortion site.

Perhaps they wondered what it was all about.

Forty Days for Life was an international Christian campaign in 212 communities. Its purpose was to pray for pre-born babies, mothers and everyone touched by the tragedy of abortion.

Locally, over 400 people prayed at our site. Prayer was offered from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. …read more|en savoir plus

40 Days for Life Pictures – 2009


Highlights of the 2009 NB Campaign in pictures …read more|en savoir plus

Highlights of International Campaign 2009

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There’s no question that we’ve just witnessed God bring about profound miracles over a 40-day period: 212 cities in 45 states, 5 Canadian provinces, and Denmark participated in the largest and longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history

• Tens of thousands of faithful participants were mobilized into peaceful and effective action

More than 580 babies were spared from abortion

8 clinic workers quit their jobs — including Abby Johnson, the Planned Parenthood director who experienced a profound conversion and now prays outside her former workplace

Two more abortion facilities CLOSED DOWN …read more|en savoir plus

40 Days for Life Website

Website for International 40 Days for Life …read more|en savoir plus