The Good News and the Bad News

Here is the text of Peter Ryan’s talk at the 2015 Focus on Life Dinner in Fredericton on June 1. His accompanying Power Point presentation is also provided.

In 15 years of Focus on Life dinners in Fredericton, this is by far the largest crowd ever. I thank all of you for helping …read more|en savoir plus

Over 300 Attend Benefit Dinner

On June 1 over 300 people attended the 15th Annual Focus on Life Benefit Dinner sponsored by Fredericton Right to Life.

Guest speakers were past Lieutenant-Governor Graydon Nicholas and his wife Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Nicholas stated that, “Abortion cannot be defined as a reproductive right because a human being already exists. To …read more|en savoir plus


Talk given by Thaddée Renault at Sussex Pro-Life Supper – April 28, 2013 There`s an old saying in French which goes like this, “Chassez le naturel et il revient au gallop,” – which translates, “Banish the natural and it comes galloping back.” People who know me often suggest I should adopt a more mellow …read more|en savoir plus

2013 Saint John Focus on Life Benefit Dinner

2013 Saint John Dinner Poster Final

2012 Fredericton Focus on Life Dinner

Some 180 people attended the 12th annual Focus on Life Benefit Dinner in Fredericton on May 28. Guest speaker was Rev. Dr. Neville Gosman, Senior Pastor of Penobsquis Baptist Church. Pastor Gosman spoke of the pro-life Word of God as a power for changing the world, and of the need for unity among pro-life …read more|en savoir plus

2012 Sussex Focus on Life Benefit Dinner

Some 120 attended the annual Salmon Supper hosted by Sussex Area Right to Life, held April 29.  Featured Speaker Shane Westin spoke of his experience as a leader in the new Students for Life group at UNB Fredericton. The event raised some $3500.

Featured speaker Shane Westin receives a gift from Sussex …read more|en savoir plus

2012 Saint John Focus on Life Dinner

Some 120 people attended a Focus on Life Benefit Dinner in Rothesay on April 30.  Guest speaker Rebecca Richmond, executive director of National Campus Life Network, gave a rousing presentation. The event raised some $4,000 for …read more|en savoir plus

2011 Fredericton Focus on Life Benefit Dinner

Ruth Lobo Shaw, Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and former president of Carleton Lifeline, spoke at the 2011 Focus on Life Benefit Dinner at the Fredericton Inn in Fredericton.  

Literature/Resource table set up in the lobby

Fredericton Right to Life …read more|en savoir plus

2010 Sussex Focus on Life Benefit Dinner

…read more|en savoir plus