What is the Solution?

Telegraph Journal, Aug. 22/11 Life and death issues, (whether they are connected to the law permitting killing  Canada Geese or the law that permits killing unborn children), challenge our perceptual lense every bit as much as they mesmerize. In the end, what we know and believe about such issues is only half as important as what we do …read more|en savoir plus

Another choice for moms-to-be

Telegraph Journal – November 3, 2010 Re: Judy Burwell’s letter “Sign holders should change their prayers,” Oct. 29, referring to “older men” (emphasis Ms. Burwell’s) holding signs in front of the Morgentaler Clinic reading “Pray to End Abortion.” Ms. Burwell suggests they should pray for safe abortions. As adoptive parents, my wife and I …read more|en savoir plus

God says choose life

Re: Letter published Oct. 30, called Could you expand your prayers? Letter writer Judy Burwell objects to an appeal to “pray to end abortion” and instead wants a prayer “to keep abortion safe and legal.” I have news for her. The God of life does not hear prayers for death, especially when it is …read more|en savoir plus

Province won’t confirm abortion numbers

Dear Editor, Re: “Province won’t confirm abortion numbers,” Telegraph Journal, Oct. 16. Ron Jussulat is exactly right in the abortion figures he provides for provincial hospitals. We released these same statistics to the public in May, having obtained them from the Department of Health via the Legislature. Two regional hospitals (Bathurst, Georges Dumont in …read more|en savoir plus

Nothing wrong with having babies

Letter to the Editor – Telegraph Journal

I am writing in response to an article published on Dec. 3 in which Joan MacAlpine-Stiles responded to a Facebook remark posted by MLA Carl Urquhart that said, “Girls, we need more babies or we will never be able to support our future.” She said that, “it was offensive to all women of the province.” As a woman of this province, I find her statements much more offensive than his. His comment put me in the “category” of being able to have babies. How could I possibly be offended by one of my greatest gifts as a woman? …read more|en savoir plus

Protect the unborn too

Times and Transcript, Sept. 14/09

To The Editor:

With reference to the article: “Protect N.B. Babies from at-risk mothers” in the Times & Transcript Aug. 28, I would like to make the following comments: Although I commend the N.B. Child Death Review Committee in pressuring the province to establish protection policy to protect unborn babies of pregnant mothers who indulge in drugs and alcohol consumption, I find it unfortunate that they place emphasis on babies ‘once delivered,’ as they so carefully worded it. …read more|en savoir plus

Murder of US Abortionist

Dear Editor:

The Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Right to Life Association condemns in the strongest possible terms the appalling murder on May 31, 2009 of Wichita, Kansas late-term abortion provider, Dr George Tiller. That this horrific act of violence took place in front of his family and at a place of public worship, makes it that much more heinous. …read more|en savoir plus

NB's Population Crisis

Letter to The Daily Gleaner

Dear Editor:

So New Brunswick has a population crisis! (“Population crisis looms,” Oct. 27) And it’s not the too-few-babies kind, but the too-many-babies kind that my Grade 10 daughter was still hearing about last week from an outdated school text! Our population is aging fast, demographers say, and it’s because our fertility rate is so low: only 1.4 child born per woman on average in our province, well below the 2.1 needed just to maintain the population. …read more|en savoir plus