Stem Cell Breakthrough: A Scientific and Ethical Leap Forward

Eric Metaxas October 24, 2012 Thirteen years ago, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, a Japanese pharmacologist and researcher, made a social call to a friend’s fertility clinic. His friend invited him to look at some human embryos through a microscope. What Yamanaka saw set him on a path that culminated in a Nobel Prize for Medicine …read more|en savoir plus

The case against human embryonic stem cell research

By Margaret Somerville, Citizen Special June 22, 2009 We are all ex-embryos and are all in the process of becoming, from conception to death; it’s clear we can’t ethically destroy human embryos for stem cell research Human embryo stem cell (HESC) research has been making front-page news in both the United States and Canada for some time. …read more|en savoir plus

Miracle Cells: The Real Success Stories

By Charles Colson February 18, 2009 Many who listened to President Obama’s inaugural address believe he means to spend taxpayer money on research that destroys human embryos. Before he does, I hope somebody brings to his attention the story I’m about to tell. A few years ago, a Texas teenager named Laura Dominguez lost control of her car when she hit an oil spill on the road. The accident left Laura paralyzed from the neck down. “You’ll never walk again,” doctors told her. …read more|en savoir plus