Belgium’s euthanasia warning to Canada

A new documentary is set to be released this June, entitled “Vulnerable – the Euthanasia Deception“, the film is set to serve as a warning to Canada about how opening the door to assisted suicide and euthanasia will lead Canada down a dangerous path. From the film’s website: Vulnerable: The Euthanasia Deception …read more|en savoir plus

Death shouldn’t be tampered with

The following article was published in the Telegraph-Journal on March 29, 2016. It was written by the Honorable Graydon Nicholas, his wife Beth and Drs. Brian and Elizabeth Phillps. Mr and Mrs. Nicholas and Dr. Elizabeth Phillips are members of the New Brunswick Right to Life Board of Advisors. What does it mean …read more|en savoir plus


NEWS RELEASE March 18, 2016 CANADIANS MOSTLY OPPOSE ASSISTED DYING A new poll indicates that while Canadians favour a law allowing assisted dying for the terminally ill, they would not extend it to other medical conditions. Some 90% would allow it for the terminally ill, but well under a majority would support it for …read more|en savoir plus

NB’s sick, elderly, disabled at risk: Comments on Parliamentary proposals

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Feb. 25, 2016 The following are comments of Executive Director Peter Ryan in response to today’s recommendations on “medical assistance in dying” (MAID) from a Parliamentary Committee: All human life is sacred, and no court or law can ever change that. The law can devalue human life – that …read more|en savoir plus

Provincial-Territorial Advisory Group Publishes One-Sided Pro-Euthanasia Report

From the Euthanasia Prevention Coaltion: “Ontario Government euthanasia report seeks to protect physicians but not patients.”

Quebec Euthanasia Law Stopped – For Now

A Quebec judge has stopped the province’s euthanasia law from going into effect on December 10. He ruled that the law conflicts with the federal government’s jurisdiction over the Criminal Code. This is wonderful news for the sick, elderly and persons with disability. However, Parliament is due to look at legislating in favour of …read more|en savoir plus

Statement on Assisted Suicide issued by the Plenary Assembly of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Supreme Court Wrong on Euthanasia: Here’s Why

In its historic Carter decision last February in favour of assisted suicide, the Supreme Court of Canada argued there’s no danger of a slippery slope from legalization. Read this article to see how the data from Holland and Belgium show how wrong they are! In 2013, euthanasia accounted for one of every 28 deaths …read more|en savoir plus

Does the recent Supreme Court Of Canada Decision Carter v. Canada legalize euthanasia? Or only assisted suicide?

I examine this question in the below article. I argue that it is far from clear that the Court has in fact authorized euthanasia.

My article is a reply to Jocelyn Downie’s contention that Carter definitely does make it legal for doctors to use both “the prescription and the syringe.” Her article is …read more|en savoir plus

Supreme Court seems eerily complacent

Andrew Coyne: Crossing the Rubicon, Supreme Court seems eerily complacent about ramifications of assisted suicide ruling Andrew Coyne | February 6, 2015 | National Post|

One measure of the eerie complacency of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) — the euthanasia case — is that it spends more time on …read more|en savoir plus