Will Johnston: The wrong decision on assisted suicide

Will Johnston, National Post Jun 18, 2012 On June 15, the British Columbia Supreme Court rendered a controversial judgment in the case of Carter vs. Canada, one that purports to create constitutional immunity for those who provide assistance to those seeking to kill themselves — a judgment that stands at odds with the Supreme …read more|en savoir plus

Press Release: BC Supreme Court Decision Threatens Basic Charter Rights of Canadians

BC Supreme Court Decision Threatens Basic Charter Rights of Canadians.   Friday, June 15, 2012                                          For Immediate Release The BC Supreme Court has sided in favour of Gloria Taylor in the Carter v. the …read more|en savoir plus

Assisted Suicide Poll Misleading

Will Johnston, MD letter Dear Editor: Re: 67% of Canadians support legalizing assisted suicide: poll by Tom Blackwell – National Post – December 29, 2011 The “support” for assisted suicide suggested by the Forum poll is  highly misleading because it does  not reflect the true implications of the Carter assisted suicide case ongoing in Vancouver. …read more|en savoir plus

Barbara Kay: Better dead than disabled?

by Barbara Kay Nov 14, 2011  National Post In B.C. Supreme Court today, B.C. Civil Liberties Association lawyers working on behalf of Lee Carter, and four others, who have or represent family members with incurable diseases, are launching a challenge against laws that make it a criminal offence …read more|en savoir plus

Why we should be afraid of assisted suicide

Calgary Herald November 13, 2011 By Will Johnston, Margaret Dore and Alex Schadenberg Carter vs. Attorney General of Canada brings a constitutional challenge to Canada’s laws prohibiting assisted suicide and euthanasia. The case also seeks to legalize these practices as a medical treatment. Last year, a bill in Parliament seeking a similar result was …read more|en savoir plus

Half of euthanasia deaths in Belgium done without consent

Belgium euthanasia law breached regularly

Canwest News Service June 10, 2010

Almost half of deaths by euthanasia in Belgium have involved patients who have not explicitly requested their lives to be ended by a doctor, a study has suggested.

A fifth of nurses interviewed by researchers admitted that they had been involved in the euthanasia of a patient based on the “assumption” they would want to die. Nearly half of the nurses — 120 of 248 — admitted they had taken part in “terminations without request or consent.” …read more|en savoir plus

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

For information and resources contact the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition www.epcc.ca …read more|en savoir plus

LifeCanada strongly opposes a dangerous new bill that would legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia in Canada

LifeCanada Press Release

Bill C-384 was introduced by Bloc MP Francine Lalonde in Parliament on May 13, 2009. The legislation would permit assisted suicide and euthanasia for anyone 18 or older who is experiencing “severe physical or mental pain” and has tried or refused appropriate treatment.

“These people need help, not a suicide prescription,” said Gudrun Schultz, Executive Director of LifeCanada/VieCanada. “Suicide already takes the lives of 4,000 Canadians every year. Each one of these is a tragedy. We should be trying to reduce that number with appropriate support and health care. This bill will lead to just the opposite—more deaths.” …read more|en savoir plus

The Ethics of Allowing Babies to Die

“The baby Phebe case could help clarify the ethical and legal rights of disabled babies and disabled people in general”

By MARGARET SOMERVILLE, The Montreal Gazette Phebe Mantha is a 17- month-old baby girl who was injured during birth and as a result is brain damaged. Shortly after her birth, she was transferred to the Montreal Children’s Hospital and placed on life support. The physicians told her parents that she would be deaf, blind, unable to take food orally, and would never walk. Her parents consented to the withdrawal of life-support treatment to allow Phebe to die. However, when the respirator was removed, Phebe started to breathe on her own. The issue, then, was removal of the feeding tube. …read more|en savoir plus

Allow assisted suicide, expert on health law, urges Canada

By Brendan Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen OTTAWA-Assisted suicide should be decriminalized in Canada to allow competent and informed people to make decisions about how they die, and because current laws are inconsistent and ineffective, an expert in health law and policy told an Ottawa audience Tuesday night. …read more|en savoir plus