George Jonas: The return of the abortion debate — and its pious rhetoric

By George Jonas, National Post, Nov. 7, 2012 I see we’re debating abortion again. This is where I came in 30-some years ago. Out come old arguments from the mothballs, along with old proponents and opponents. Only this Monday I read somebody saying that, well, you can outlaw abortion, but women will just keep doing …read more|en savoir plus

Why I Lost Faith in the Pro-Choice Movement

By Jennifer Fulwiller, National Catholic Register,  October 31, 2012 I was sitting on a bean bag in my dorm room when I got the call. It was a friend of mine — let’s call her “Sara” — and she was sobbing so hard it took me a moment to know who it was. Finally, …read more|en savoir plus

Celebrate these Diamond Jubilee jailbirds

By Andrea Mrozek, Ottawa Citizen October 23, 2012 It is hard to drink Champagne in handcuffs. However, this week at least two Canadians are going to try. Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner recently received Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medals. Each member of Parliament has the opportunity to nominate 30 people and Conservative MP Maurice …read more|en savoir plus

Reframing beginning-of-life issues

By Preston Manning,  The Globe and Mail Oct. 05 2012 Last week’s parliamentary debate on whether to have a committee examine the issue of when life begins illustrates the need to reframe how we in Canada approach “beginning of life” issues. The proponent of the parliamentary motion, and cabinet ministers such as Jason Kenney and …read more|en savoir plus

D’Amato: Woodworth correct in seeking fetal rights discussion

By Luisa D’Amato Canada seems like such a sane, straightforward country — and then suddenly it throws you a curve ball. Take the issue of abortion and how abortions are regulated. Believe it or not, Canada doesn’t have a law protecting the human rights of the fetus, even when it’s a just few seconds …read more|en savoir plus

Somerville: The right to life and Canada’s democracy

By Margaret Somerville, Calgary Herald September 21, 2012 Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312, to set up a committee to examine the definition of when a child becomes a human being within the homicide provisions of the Criminal Code, has been debated in Parliament and will be put to a vote on Wednesday. Prime …read more|en savoir plus

Let’s have the abortion debate

By Margaret Somerville, Ottawa Citizen August 23, 2012 Pro-choice advocates have passionately opposed MP Stephen Woodworth’s private member’s motion to set up a parliamentary committee to examine the definition of “human being” in the Criminal Code, arguing “there is nothing to discuss.” This definition provides that “a child becomes a human being” only at …read more|en savoir plus

Father Raymond J. de Souza: An abortion ‘consensus’ that never existed

By Father Raymond J. de Souza, National Post, Apr 26, 2012 Canada’s “consensus” on our unlimited abortion licence — any time, for any reason, fully funded by tax dollars — is a strange one. First of all, it’s not really a consensus, as only a minority of Canadians, when polled, support the extreme …read more|en savoir plus

The profound complexities of informed consent to abortion

Ending an unplanned pregnancy is not the simple quick-fix solution that’s often presented, writes Margaret Somerville By Margaret Somerville, Ottawa Citizen, March 23, 2012 Anna (not her real name) came to see me to discuss the research she was doing on abortion. We talked about the articles she’d read, when I asked her, “How …read more|en savoir plus

Evangelical leaders call on Canadian Parliament to open abortion debate

by Patrick B. Craine January 3, 2012 Canada’s Evangelical leaders are backing recent calls by Members of Parliament for a debate on the legal status of children in the womb. In a statement Tuesday, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) said the current Criminal Code provisions, which allow children to be terminated up …read more|en savoir plus