Poll tells different tale about abortion funding

Letters to the Editor, Daily Gleaner | March 21, 2015 In recent months the provincial government has made major changes in the province’s abortion policy. A key part was overhauling the Medicare funding regulation. We at New Brunswick Right to Life commissioned a study to see if the public supported the funding change. What …read more|en savoir plus

Supreme Court seems eerily complacent

Andrew Coyne: Crossing the Rubicon, Supreme Court seems eerily complacent about ramifications of assisted suicide ruling Andrew Coyne | February 6, 2015 | National Post|

One measure of the eerie complacency of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) — the euthanasia case — is that it spends more time on …read more|en savoir plus

NB Right to Life reacts to Clinic 554 news

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Jan. 16, 2014 Executive director Peter Ryan released the following statement in response to news that “Clinic 554” will open and perform abortions at the former Morgentaler Clinic, located next to New Brunswick Right to Life’s offices.   “We are not exactly celebrating the news. It’s nothing short of …read more|en savoir plus

RU-486 Fact Sheet

A December 2013 article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal revealed that a pharmaceutical company has submitted an application to Health Canada which, if approved, would bring into our country the dangerous chemical abortion drug, RU-486, also known as mifepristone. An RU-486 abortion involves a 2-drug combination usually offered to women less …read more|en savoir plus

Why euthanasia’s slippery slope can’t be prevented

By Margaret Somerville  Calgary Herald  4 Mar 2014 Some people with disabilities are angry about my opposition to legalizing euthanasia. They are not dying, they just do not want to continue living in their current state. It’s clear they believe they would be given access to legalized euthanasia. Pro-euthanasia advocates claim, however, that …read more|en savoir plus

Assisted suicide – what could possibly go wrong?

Margaret Wente The Globe and Mail Feb. 20, 2014 On April 19, 2012, an attractive 64-year-old woman named Godelieva De Troyer checked herself into a hospital in Brussels, where she was killed, at her own request, by lethal injection. The retired schoolteacher did not have an incurable disease, nor was she in chronic pain. …read more|en savoir plus

Belgian-style euthanasia feared as next step

Written by Deborah Gyapong, Canadian Catholic News 18 February 2014 OTTAWA – The secretary of Quebec’s College of Physicians has mused Belgian-style euthanasia of Alzheimer’s patients and terminally ill children could follow should Quebec’s euthanasia Bill-52 become law. Belgium recently expanded its law to authorize the killing of children and is debating whether to …read more|en savoir plus

Cdn girl, 4, wants Belgian king to stop euthanasia bill

By Dave Kaufman Toronto Sun, Feb. 4, 2014 MONTREAL — It isn’t every day that a four-year-old girl stands up to royalty, but Jessica Saba from the Montreal suburb of Lachine is hoping that King Philippe of Belgium will hear her plea and block the country from enacting a law permitting child euthanasia. In …read more|en savoir plus

Roe v. Wade – a shot across the border

By Paul Ranalli, MD, nationalrighttolifenews.org January 20, 2014 Editor’s note. Dr. Ranalli is a neurologist at the University of Toronto. A comparative history of abortion law between Canada and the United States reflects, in many ways, the behavioural characteristics of our two peoples, and the way they arose from our early history. The …read more|en savoir plus

Opinion: Belgium’s experience with euthanasia teaches bitter lessons

By Tom Mortier, The Gazette December 5, 2013

Chronic depression sufferer Godelieva De Troyer in 2010, almost two years before she was euthanized: Her lethal injection came as a shock to her son Tom Mortier, who only learned about it a day later.

ROTSELAAR, BELGIUM — I believe that before Quebec passes …read more|en savoir plus