Canadians Favour Abortion Limits


November 26, 2009

For the ninth year in a row, a majority of Canadians have rejected the status quo on abortion in thiscountry. Over half say there should be legal protection for human life before birth and over two-thirds say abortions should only be paid for by taxpayers in medical emergencies or in cases of rape or incest.
A poll by Environics Research of 2002 Canadians found that only one-third of Canadians agree with thecurrent policy that denies any protection to unborn babies before birth. The majority, 56% support legal protection at some stage before birth: 30% support legal protection from conception on, 17% after three months of pregnancy and 8% after six months of pregnancy. Once again, support for legal protection from conception on is much higher among women, 35%, than men at 25%.

Activist Threatened with Arrest for Holding Abortion Image

NBRL Press Release

Breaking News:

An incident this morning has raised concerns about police impartiality on the abortion issue and prompted allegations that Fredericton Police Department is failing to respect the civil liberties of pro-life protesters. Activist Suzie Ryan was threatened with arrest this morning for holding an abortion image outside the Morgentaler abortion clinic in Fredericton NB. What astonishes Mrs. Ryan is that she was cleared of all charges following a 2006 arrest for holding the same sign at the same location. She says she does not understand her treatment by police today. She has previously displayed the image without incident. …read more|en savoir plus

Murder of US Abortionist

Dear Editor:

The Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Right to Life Association condemns in the strongest possible terms the appalling murder on May 31, 2009 of Wichita, Kansas late-term abortion provider, Dr George Tiller. That this horrific act of violence took place in front of his family and at a place of public worship, makes it that much more heinous. …read more|en savoir plus

LifeCanada strongly opposes a dangerous new bill that would legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia in Canada

LifeCanada Press Release

Bill C-384 was introduced by Bloc MP Francine Lalonde in Parliament on May 13, 2009. The legislation would permit assisted suicide and euthanasia for anyone 18 or older who is experiencing “severe physical or mental pain” and has tried or refused appropriate treatment.

“These people need help, not a suicide prescription,” said Gudrun Schultz, Executive Director of LifeCanada/VieCanada. “Suicide already takes the lives of 4,000 Canadians every year. Each one of these is a tragedy. We should be trying to reduce that number with appropriate support and health care. This bill will lead to just the opposite—more deaths.” …read more|en savoir plus

Right to Life calls on pro-choice advocates to withdraw comments

PRESS RELEASE by New Brunswick Right to Life For Immediate Release, May 2, 2007

The New Brunswick Right to Life Association is calling upon two pro-choice advocates to publicly withdraw media comments they made about pro-life supporters last week. Executive Director Peter Ryan says the remarks are part of a smear campaign, designed to engineer a no protest zone around abortion sites. …read more|en savoir plus

Liberal MP Introduces Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions

From LifeCanada – Vie Canada


RECOGNIZING THE RESPONSIBILITY TO ACCORD RIGHTS TO UNBORN CANADIANS AT LAST Finally, the issue of abortion on demand is to be addressed in the House of Commons. Canada has been without a law on abortion since 1988, when the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the law in the Morgentaler case. The result has been record numbers of abortions – 1,517,323 between 1988 and 2002; over 100,000 per year, and a repeat rate which has soared from 20% in 1985 to 33% in 2002. …read more|en savoir plus

Dosanjh on Thin Legal Ground

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Jan. 26, 2005 The following is a response by Peter Ryan, Executive Director of the NB Right to Life Association, to federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh’’s threat to penalize New Brunswick for refusing to pay for private clinic abortions. “I am not surprised that Mr. Dosanjh …read more|en savoir plus