PRESS RELEASE: Comments after Passage of Bill C-14

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release June 20, 2016 Comments after Passage of Bill C-14 New Brunswick Right to Life Association executive director Peter Ryan offered the following comments after Friday’s parliamentary passage of Bill C-14 (medical assistance in dying). The bill is expected to receive royal assent very soon. “Many legislators rightly noted that …read more|en savoir plus

NB Should Hold Public Hearings on Assisted Dying: Press Release

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release April 14, 2016 NB Should Hold Public Hearings on Assisted Dying With federal legislation on assisted dying introduced in Parliament, NB Right to Life is calling on the provincial government to hold public hearings on the issue. The Minister of Health, Victor Boudreau, has said New Brunswick will introduce …read more|en savoir plus

The Question of Access: News Release Feb. 5, 2016

Abortion rights activists had a public meeting yesterday at UNB. “Abortion in New Brunswick” was the topic. NB Right to Life executive director Peter Ryan released the following comments. It’s not hard to figure out what these folks are up to. They will complain loudly about “not enough access,” without of course offering any …read more|en savoir plus

Uniform coercive policy urged for all Canadian physicians

Project submission to the Saskatchewan College of Physicians discloses details News Release | Protection of Conscience Project

The Protection of Conscience Project has charged that a controversial policy proposed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan is unjustified.

The policy, Conscientious Refusal, will require all Saskatchewan physicians who object to a procedure …read more|en savoir plus

News Release: The soul of Canada has taken a major hit from today’s Supreme Court ruling

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Feb. 6, 2015

The soul of Canada has taken a major hit from today’s Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of assisted suicide.

Up to now our public policy has been that every human life is worth living. Twenty-two years ago, in its Rodriguez ruling against assisted suicide, the …read more|en savoir plus

NB Right to Life reacts to Clinic 554 news

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Jan. 16, 2014 Executive director Peter Ryan released the following statement in response to news that “Clinic 554” will open and perform abortions at the former Morgentaler Clinic, located next to New Brunswick Right to Life’s offices.   “We are not exactly celebrating the news. It’s nothing short of …read more|en savoir plus

Student Union applies double standard to pro-life students at the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)

National Campus Life Network News Release Dec. 19/11 Dec. 19, 2011. Fredericton, New Brunswick: Pro-life students at the University of New Brunswick’s (UNB) Fredericton campus were shocked last week to learn from their student newspaper, The Brunswickan, that their club would not be recognized by the Student Union due to a “lack of information”. …read more|en savoir plus

Complaint against Pro-Life Ad Dismissed

NEWS RELEASE Jan. 11, 2011 Complaint Against Pro-Life Ad Dismissed

Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) has dismissed a complaint made against a TV ad aired by the New Brunswick Right to Life Association. The ad, entitled “Lifesaver,” aired over 200 times in October and November. It featured a female firefighter expressing thanks that …read more|en savoir plus

Pro-life prayer campaign by Dumont Hospital

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Sept. 21, 2010 Pro-life supporters will conduct a 40 day prayer vigil by the Dr. Georges Dumont Hospital, beginning this Wednesday. Peter Ryan of NB Right, sponsor of the event, says the reason is that the hospital performs many abortions. “The hospital did 221 last year,” Ryan says, citing …read more|en savoir plus

MP tables "Roxanne's Law" to prevent coerced abortions

News Release

Chair of pro-life caucus introduces bill to protect women from abortion coercion

(Ottawa) - Chair of the multi-party Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus, Rod Bruinooge, introduced “Roxanne’s Law” in the House of Commons yesterday. The Private Members Bill would make it a criminal offence to coerce a woman into having an abortion.
“There are many stories of women being threatened and coerced into having abortions against their will,” said Bruinooge, the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South. “If a woman resists, such coercion may escalate into violence, and even murder. That‟s what happened to Roxanne Fernando, in whose memory I have named this bill.”
Roxanne Fernando was a young woman from Winnipeg who was murdered by Nathanael Plourde (the father of her unborn child) after he failed to convince her to end her pregnancy. In February 2007, Plourde and two friends beat Roxanne brutally and dumped her in a snow bank to die.
“This bill would help protect a pregnant woman who does not want to terminate her pregnancy,” said Bruinooge. “No woman should ever feel intimidated to have an unwanted abortion. Anyone who attempts to force a woman to abort her wanted fetus should face consequences.” en savoir plus