By Fred Hazel Telegraph Journal July 18, 2013 Dr. Henry Morgentaler, champion of abortion rights in Canada, died in the spring, but the controversy over his practices and beliefs linger on. Certainly he was a polarizing figure for two diametrically opposing views about the values and rights of human life, which are still not …read more|en savoir plus

Passing of Henry Morgentaler

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release May 29, 2013

Executive Director Peter Ryan released the following statement on hearing of Henry Morgentaler’s passing today:

“We feel very sorry for Henry Morgentaler. He has gone to his Maker, and has such a lot to answer for. “His legacy is the death of hundreds of …read more|en savoir plus

Opinion: Debate continues 25 years after Morgentaler decision

Canadians still grapple with whether abortion is right just because it is legal By Mike Schouten, Vancouver Sun, January 27, 2013 The cognitive dissonance between what we know about embryology and what we believe about abortion rights is rapidly eroding. Abortion has been ingrained in North American culture for decades. Later this month pro-choice advocates …read more|en savoir plus

Waiting for an explanation

Appeared in Daily Gleaner Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8, 2012 Re: Letter published Oct. 29 called Outrageous behaviour indeed! Many past letters on abortion have focused on protests outside the Morgen taler Clinic. Simone Leibovitch’s letter shines a bit of light on what happens inside. Ms. Leibovitch acknowledges abortion seeking women are not …read more|en savoir plus

We have tossed our moral compass out the window

Appeared in Daily Gleaner Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8, 2012 Re: 40-day vigil The so-called ’40 Days for Life’ vigil, which took place recently on Brunswick Street, has elicited many commentaries among onlookers. Most were expressions of surprise at the vigilers’ six-week, daily, 12-hour, quiet perseverance, despite often inclement weather. How to explain …read more|en savoir plus

Health Minister Would Not Intervene at Hospitals Doing Abortion on Demand

August 2009 The New Brunswick Right to Life Association continues to be dismayed by the evidence that unborn babies are being aborted virtually on demand at two hospitals in the province. It is doubly dismayed by a lack of political leadership in recognizing and dealing with the problem. For several months the Association corresponded …read more|en savoir plus

Comments on Morgentaler Case

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Jan. 14, 2009 Following the Jan. 13th Court of Appeal hearing in the case Morgentaler vs. New Brunswick, regarding the issue of Henry Morgentaler’s legal standing to sue the …read more|en savoir plus

New Brunswick to Appeal Morgentaler Ruling

NEWS RELEASE Nov. 6, 2008 New Brunswick Right to Life is pleased with the Province of New Brunswick’s decision to appeal a ruling granting Henry Morgentaler the status to pursue his lawsuit on the issue of tax-funded abortion. On August …read more|en savoir plus

Morgentaler vs. NB: He wins a round but not the battle

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                             For Immediate Release Aug. 8, 2008 New Brunswick Right to Life is disappointed with the news that Henry Morgentaler has been granted “public-interest standing” to proceed in his lawsuit against the Province of New Brunswick. “Any time Morgentaler wins, unborn babies lose,” commented executive director Peter Ryan. In 2003 Morgentaler launched …read more|en savoir plus

Which way: more babies or more abortions?

TOM BARRY, MD & CAROLYN BARRY, MD COMMENTARY Published Monday March 12th, 2007 Appeared on page A5 If someone told you they wanted to lose weight and then announced they were going on …read more|en savoir plus