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2015 March for Life

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Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting is hosted by the New Brunswick Right to Life Chapter in Fredericton. It will be held at the gym of the Nashwaaksis Baptist Church. The speaker for the provincial conference (held in conjunction with the AGM) is Jonathon Van Maren of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform. He will be …read more|en savoir plus

March for Life 2016 Speaker Videos

Videos from May’s March for Life are now available to be watched online! The Honourable Graydon Nicholas: The Honourable Victor Boudreau: MLA Jody Carr and other PC MLAs: Armand & Gladys LeBlanc: Andrea MacDonald: Martha …read more|en savoir plus

PRESS RELEASE: Comments after Passage of Bill C-14

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release June 20, 2016 Comments after Passage of Bill C-14 New Brunswick Right to Life Association executive director Peter Ryan offered the following comments after Friday’s parliamentary passage of Bill C-14 (medical assistance in dying). The bill is expected to receive royal assent very soon. “Many legislators rightly noted that …read more|en savoir plus

March for Life 2016

About 500 people attended the 17th annual March for Life held in Fredericton NB. The event included religious services, a rally in front of the Legislature, and a parade through downtown streets. “This was one of our best marches ever,” said NBRL Executive Director Peter Ryan. “The turnout, the speakers, the media coverage, the …read more|en savoir plus

Belgium’s euthanasia warning to Canada

A new documentary is set to be released this June, entitled “Vulnerable – the Euthanasia Deception“, the film is set to serve as a warning to Canada about how opening the door to assisted suicide and euthanasia will lead Canada down a dangerous path. From the film’s website: Vulnerable: The Euthanasia Deception …read more|en savoir plus

March for Life 2016

JOIN US MAY 19TH FOR THE MARCH FOR LIFE!! This is our 17th annual gathering ! Our 2016 theme is “THE TRUTH THAT ENDURES: The Sanctity of All Human Life.” We’ll uphold the right to life of the unborn, more threatened than ever in our province. We’ll also emphasize the preciousness of those …read more|en savoir plus

NB Should Hold Public Hearings on Assisted Dying: Press Release

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release April 14, 2016 NB Should Hold Public Hearings on Assisted Dying With federal legislation on assisted dying introduced in Parliament, NB Right to Life is calling on the provincial government to hold public hearings on the issue. The Minister of Health, Victor Boudreau, has said New Brunswick will introduce …read more|en savoir plus

Death shouldn’t be tampered with

The following article was published in the Telegraph-Journal on March 29, 2016. It was written by the Honorable Graydon Nicholas, his wife Beth and Drs. Brian and Elizabeth Phillps. Mr and Mrs. Nicholas and Dr. Elizabeth Phillips are members of the New Brunswick Right to Life Board of Advisors. What does it mean …read more|en savoir plus


NEWS RELEASE March 18, 2016 CANADIANS MOSTLY OPPOSE ASSISTED DYING A new poll indicates that while Canadians favour a law allowing assisted dying for the terminally ill, they would not extend it to other medical conditions. Some 90% would allow it for the terminally ill, but well under a majority would support it for …read more|en savoir plus

NB’s sick, elderly, disabled at risk: Comments on Parliamentary proposals

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Feb. 25, 2016 The following are comments of Executive Director Peter Ryan in response to today’s recommendations on “medical assistance in dying” (MAID) from a Parliamentary Committee: All human life is sacred, and no court or law can ever change that. The law can devalue human life – that …read more|en savoir plus